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Cupcakes are becoming trendier and their less serving fuss is making them the preferred choice in many occasions including weddings. Cupcakes also give you the opportunity to have varieties of flavours and cake types to suit most of your guest so no one is left out in the fun. We at dazzling creations know this trick like the back of our hand and our creativity is always a cutting edge advantage to give you the WOW event you dreamed of.

Our Cupcakes are made using only the finest organic ingredients wherever possible. They sit beautiful, taste amazing, and everyone receives their own cake! We provide wedding colours cupcakes and bespoke cupcakes for weddings completely customised to your requirements - colours, ribbons, decorative wrappers, favours and wedding cupcake tiers - for that very special day.

Ready to get going or didn't see the cake of your choice? Give us a call 07985765153 and we will be more than willing to work with you. Alternatively you can email us at


It was really dazzling, starting from the bouquet to the church decoration up to the reception hall decoration, the CAKE( o my goodness)! In fact I used one of the ...

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